Monday, August 24, 2009

New Tactics

I see that I have been remiss in my posting duties. Truthfully, there hasn’t been much to add to the furor created by the people in the Town Hall meetings, and the obviously stilted reporting on them by the “mainstream media”. I am so very proud to see my fellow Americans stand up, and be loud and proud in defending themselves and through that process, all of us. I myself have been a part of a neighborhood TEA party (Taxed Enough Already) meeting. It is a first step into further involvement.
I found an article today that disturbs me on many levels. There are many schools of thought on the implications, but most of the roads lead to the fact that the government has finally shown to what degree they will take things to gain control over us. The fact that our government is willing to use fear of a disease and our children to exert control over us is reprehensible to the greatest degree. To read what I am talking about, follow this link:
the words and phrases in this article in bold are clickable, and will lead you further into the story. Also present are footnotes at the bottom that are also clickable.
It is becoming more and more obvious that our “leaders” do not see us as people, but cattle to be bought , traded, led about by the nose and generally disregarded. It is past time to show them (in legal ways of course) that they should be frightend of us, and give us the respect we deserve.

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