Saturday, July 18, 2009


want to know what's in the mostrous healthcare bill that they are trying to ram down our thoats? the one that will increase taxes and give us worse than Canadian style healthcare? read this. it is in pdf form, so you need a pdf reader to view. have fun, I'm still working on it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Arrggg! the world has gone stupid

Well folks, it has been an interesting couple of days. First, our president commits the second flagrant violation of the constitution (that we know of) and those of us that didn’t care about the passing of MJ, discover there is a congresswoman that wants to pass a resolution honoring him.

First, the treaty agreement, or the amendment of one already in existence, forced upon us by our dictator, err…I mean president, is in violation of the constitution. For it to be legal, it is supposed to be brought before the Senate, and be agreed upon by 2/3 of those present. Now, he might be able to squeak by on the premise that he wasn’t creating a new one, but not here. Oh no, especially since he was declaring to the world what a completely foolish and na├»ve person he is. Of course, that is being nice. It could also be said that being a globalist, he has done exactly as his handlers have commanded, and handed our country up on a silver platter. I don’t agree with reducing our nuclear arsenal, much less publicly, when N. Korea claims to have them, Iran wants them, and many other nations have them, including the Russians with whom this agreement was struck. Those that think the Russians will actually honor their side, raise their hands. Hmmm…..I don’t see you….raise your hands! Ok, those of you that think they are talking pretty and just want us an easier victim, not as well armed as we are now, raise your hands. Ahhh…I think I can look through my screen and make out several. Either way, it was a bullshit move; both in making us appear weak and gullible, as well as, well, ILLEGAL!!!!! I plan on writing to both of my senators to protest this action. Maybe they will get sick to death of us writing them and WAKE UP!!!!! And realize not only are there a good number of us watching, but all of us are MAD!!

As for the MJ thing, it is completely retarded. I’m talking total short bus here. But, considering who it is that sponsored the bill, it isn’t a surprise. Ms. Lee is local to my area and she is so transparently super liberal, but is only out to help black people. Yes I said it. She comes across as racist as any KKK member, but for some reason, I am told that it isn’t racism unless it is toward anybody but white folk. Now, before you get your knickers in a knot, understand that I think it is wrong, not because I hate black people, but because this is the attitude that has helped to perpetuate so much hate in A LOT of people. People should just be people. You have smart ones, motivated ones, stupid ones, lazy ones, ignorant ones, pretty ones and ugly ones. That is just off of the top of my head. Now, tell me what race I was speaking of. Can’t? Good, because no matter what town, state, country or continent, you will encounter these people, native and transplants. But I have gotten distracted in explanation. MJ was an entertainer. That is all. Yes he had hits, yes he donated to charity, but he was also accused of being a pedophile, and couldn’t hide the fact that he was extremely disturbed. He hated himself so much, a black boy, grown into a white man, that he showed the world how worthless he himself thought his race was. No one should hate themselves that much. Don’t hate yourself, in the end; you may be the only thing you have left. And that self hatred should be frowned upon, not glorified. I am glad however, that most of congress is reported to be disgusted by the idea. Granted some of them only for political reasons. Take Nancy Pelosi. She specifically stated that it was bad mojo because it might hurt their ability to pass their tax-us-to-death bill, I mean, global warming cap & trade. Not to mention the take-control-of-our-bodies-from-cradle-to-grave bill. Oh yeah, that one is called healthcare reform. Whatever, they have all shown signs of graduating to the short bus.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is Democracy dying?

Well, we would like to think not, it does live and thrive in most of our hearts. Unfortunately, we have allowed things to slip far enough out of our grasp that Americans are not generally thought of as America though I believe that what makes a nation is it’s citizenry. But, with the help of the idiot box, and the mainstream media (why it’s called that I don’t know, it doesn’t reflect mainstream Americans) a lot of us have lost our way. Myself included, it was only about 5-6 years ago that I had my eyes opened to what was going on. So these days, all we are hearing about is Michael Jackson, who, when put in perspective of our issues….who gives a flip. I want to hear about how my president is failing on every single foreign policy test he has been given.

Iran is a biggie, on the democracy stage, because you have a dictator who is so kind as to allow elections to be held, but has acted in such a way as to give the appearance of fraud. No surprise there, heck, we have an elected leader that won’t show a birth certificate to prove he’s citizen enough to legally be president. Anyway, instead of supporting the people’s right to protest, even through simple, meaningless words, spoken to a receptive audience, he says nothing. Which, in case he didn’t know, gives him, an American president, supposedly the leader of the free democratic world, the appearance of siding with a ruthless dictator. Not cool in my opinion, but, at any case, a questionable strike two. (strike one was cozying up to Chavez the first time).

Strike three in the quest for support of democracy, which even the Clintons in their backwards wrong way, gave the appearance of supporting, is this situation in Honduras. Mr. Zelaya was very public about his wish to re-write their constitution, in such a way as to give him more power on the level of a supreme leader. (sound familiar?) the Honduran Supreme court said no way and ordered the physical removal of the erstwhile president, not just out of office, but out of the country. Extreme, perhaps, but what are you going to do with someone so drunk on power, that he believes that lifting his pinky will automatically make things go in his favor? I applaud them, they had the stones to do what was necessary. Mr. Zelaya’s allies? Well, none other than Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and……….you guessed it, Mr. Obama himself. Oh, wait! Not just our wonderful leader, but Mrs. Clinton, our Secretary of State as well. (oh yeah, as I write this Mr. Zelaya is dining with Mrs. Clinton in D.C. according to reports)

So now we have the supposed leader of the free democratic world, and one of his key people, in agreement and in league with DICTATORS!!!!! What does this tell us about the frame of mind of the people that the giggling, ignorant masses have voted to put in power? You guessed it, it shows us how they think in terms of their rule in this country of ours, the land of the free. Or at least it used to be. Look out folks, make sure your seats and table trays are in the upright and locked position, the trip on freedom express is going to get even bumpier by the day.

Footnote: one article of many to read about the Honduran affair, that sounds at least neutral can be found here:

Monday, July 6, 2009

where i'm coming from, a review of what you should already know

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword. Let’s hope is goes for the keyboard as well.

We have entered into a whole new world. Some say that it is much like Alice in the Looking Glass. Everything is upside down. The people we know to be evil by our definition of it, we are told by our government, are good, or at least not bad. Then when you turn around, it seems the people that are good are somehow bad. Wait, who decides? The stooges we elected; under false pretenses it seems, or us, the people? I can decide who I think is evil. Not just because I disagree with them or their policies, but because what they do is bad. Bad for me, bad for my family, community, and my country. And these days there are just so many of them, both here and abroad.

Our current leaders have seen fit to forsake most of our most valued and historic allies, and have cozied up to people that stand for things that most of us abhor. The Chinese, who have clung to communism and continue to have a strangle-hold on their people, controlling them from cradle to grave, and the Muslims, who cling to a faith that is theirs to practice, but that have spawned some groups that are, well, less than charitable to the rest of the world that doesn’t believe. And from here out, it is those that I refer to, not those that obey laws and assimilate when they find a home somewhere else.

In both of these cases, there are numerous things that we, as westerners, feel are human rights violations. The former shows that no resistance to the government is allowed. Murders, coercion, and mandatory reproductive constrains are just the top few things in daily life. And the latter, well, treating women as less-than, forcing faith upon others and training children to murder those that do not conform to the standards they hold upon all others. They are cowardly, and hide behind the women they think so little of, and children, then turn around and cry “see what you’ve done? You kill innocents”. Nice guys huh? Peaceful and loving?

I bring this up, because if we are not careful and watchful, these things are the type of changes that will be coming to our towns. Paranoia? Well let’s see, our newly elected president is a person that was raised with Muslim faith. Whenever he was with his mother, and the father, or father-figure of her choosing, that is what has been documented as the religion of choice. From the cradle through much of his primary schooling, this is what he was exposed to. I am guessing his first brush with familial Christianity was his grandparents. Then you have his indoctrination into the belief that communism is something wonderful, a utopia for all involved. Think it isn’t coloring his decisions? Think again, if you can and remember what you were taught in history class.

So we have a president that every day is trying to model our government structure after “what would Mohammed do” and “what would Marx do? And he isn’t alone. Most of the people he’s placed around him are, and have, displayed similar leanings, at least in communism. Look at the Clintons. And there are more. It just so happens that most of the people he’s placed were in Washington under the Clintons as well. Watch yourselves comrades, change is coming, and isn’t blowing our way. The things that I have been reading are scaring me. This regime sounds every day more and more like a Hitler or a Stalinist one than something that could be spawned out of freedom loving America. I say that because out of the mouths of people who lived through each revolution, I read, almost word for word about how they managed to take over their respective countries, and I look up, and see the same things here, today. Remove the names of people and places, and you have what is becoming United Socialist States of Amerika.