Monday, July 6, 2009

where i'm coming from, a review of what you should already know

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword. Let’s hope is goes for the keyboard as well.

We have entered into a whole new world. Some say that it is much like Alice in the Looking Glass. Everything is upside down. The people we know to be evil by our definition of it, we are told by our government, are good, or at least not bad. Then when you turn around, it seems the people that are good are somehow bad. Wait, who decides? The stooges we elected; under false pretenses it seems, or us, the people? I can decide who I think is evil. Not just because I disagree with them or their policies, but because what they do is bad. Bad for me, bad for my family, community, and my country. And these days there are just so many of them, both here and abroad.

Our current leaders have seen fit to forsake most of our most valued and historic allies, and have cozied up to people that stand for things that most of us abhor. The Chinese, who have clung to communism and continue to have a strangle-hold on their people, controlling them from cradle to grave, and the Muslims, who cling to a faith that is theirs to practice, but that have spawned some groups that are, well, less than charitable to the rest of the world that doesn’t believe. And from here out, it is those that I refer to, not those that obey laws and assimilate when they find a home somewhere else.

In both of these cases, there are numerous things that we, as westerners, feel are human rights violations. The former shows that no resistance to the government is allowed. Murders, coercion, and mandatory reproductive constrains are just the top few things in daily life. And the latter, well, treating women as less-than, forcing faith upon others and training children to murder those that do not conform to the standards they hold upon all others. They are cowardly, and hide behind the women they think so little of, and children, then turn around and cry “see what you’ve done? You kill innocents”. Nice guys huh? Peaceful and loving?

I bring this up, because if we are not careful and watchful, these things are the type of changes that will be coming to our towns. Paranoia? Well let’s see, our newly elected president is a person that was raised with Muslim faith. Whenever he was with his mother, and the father, or father-figure of her choosing, that is what has been documented as the religion of choice. From the cradle through much of his primary schooling, this is what he was exposed to. I am guessing his first brush with familial Christianity was his grandparents. Then you have his indoctrination into the belief that communism is something wonderful, a utopia for all involved. Think it isn’t coloring his decisions? Think again, if you can and remember what you were taught in history class.

So we have a president that every day is trying to model our government structure after “what would Mohammed do” and “what would Marx do? And he isn’t alone. Most of the people he’s placed around him are, and have, displayed similar leanings, at least in communism. Look at the Clintons. And there are more. It just so happens that most of the people he’s placed were in Washington under the Clintons as well. Watch yourselves comrades, change is coming, and isn’t blowing our way. The things that I have been reading are scaring me. This regime sounds every day more and more like a Hitler or a Stalinist one than something that could be spawned out of freedom loving America. I say that because out of the mouths of people who lived through each revolution, I read, almost word for word about how they managed to take over their respective countries, and I look up, and see the same things here, today. Remove the names of people and places, and you have what is becoming United Socialist States of Amerika.

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