Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If I was President Part 2

---Disclaimer--- These are my views/ideas and not any ones else's. If you don't like what you are reading then leave. No one is making you read this. I spent 8 yrs defending the rights of all American people. So remember that before you flame me for the following statements. Me and my fellow military brothers and sisters are the ones that give you the rights and freedoms that you have everyday. ---End disclaimer---

Sitting at work today I had a few co-workers engaged in a conversation. To my astonishment they could talk with out any pronunciation of any words. It was very hard for me to keep up with what they where saying. It was like I was in Japan again. They spoke a totally different language that was based off of the English language. Very confused I decided it was time to go to work. So I get in to the work truck and start noticing signs on buildings. Signs like xtreame, XLR8, and Phat Jeans Outlet. So I started thinking. What the fuck happened to the English language?

Well long story short some Fucko Asshat on Capital Hill decided that Ebonics is a language. And like the plague it spread. Teachers decided it was easier to just let them go and pass them to the next grade so they don't have to deal with them. Which in turn letting them be ignorant. Now Capital hill and other agencies are shit them self's trying to figure out why our kids are fucking retarded, and test score's are low. So when I become president the following is my school reform act.

English (substitute any given subject also applies)

1) English (at minimum) should be able to read and written at a 12th grade level in order to graduate.

2) If the student can not read and write at the end of the school year at his/her grade. The student WILL repeat the grade again.

3) Any teacher that pass's a below par student will no longer be a teacher. Ever.

School Attire

1) All clothes will fit the student properly. (I.e. student who wears a 20" waist wearing 42")

2) Any student not willing to adhere to this will. A) Not be a student any more or B) will wear a prison jump suit for the remainder of the day.

Student behavior

1) Any student that decides that they want to break any school rules. Can and will get the switch. (That's right the switch. The Faculty can swat the student again)

2) Strike a teacher then you can kiss your ignorant ass good bye because you belong to the state now. You can not leave the correctional instaution until you graduate the 12th grade. (Remember part 1 about the prisons. You have no rights)

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