Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If I was President Part 1

---Disclaimer--- These are my views/ideas and not any ones else's. If you don't like what you are reading then leave. No one is making you read this. I spent 8 yrs defending the rights of all American people. So remember that before you flame me for the following statements. Me and my fellow military brothers and sisters are the ones that give you the rights and freedoms that you have everyday. ---End disclaimer---

One day some one ask me what would I do if I became president. Well here it goes:

1) I would give all the local police departments their power back. Look at the crime rate for the last 30 yrs. The reason for that is because they have had their power removed. No one respects them anymore because everyone knows they can't do shit. I would give what they have lost back then they will be able to do the following.

a) You touch a cop he has the right to kick the living shit out of you.

b) You want to run your mouth to a cop. He has the right to shut you up.

c) You want to run from one. They will have the freedom to stop you by all means.

2) I would close all our boarders. No more of this coming over here and living off of tax dollars. If you want to come to my country apply from your country and wait till we get back with you. If we accept you then you can come. Want to hop a fence and come over illegally? Then you better be at peace with god cause you will get shot. Also you must meet the following:

a) You must speak English. Not understand English. Not speak broken English.

b) You must understand you are an American now. Not an African-American, Chinese-American, a damn American. And that's it.

3) Prison. MMMM what to do with the over population. Easy. Speed up death row. And when I say speed it up I mean speed it up. You get the death penalty then you have up to a year and that's it. That should give you enough time to set-up you appeal. And on that you only get one appeal not 3,4, or 5. All appeals will only have 1 yrs time frame. So on that note you will have up to 2 yrs to claim your innocents. After that you meet your maker.

While you wait in your cell guess what you HAVE NO RIGHTS. You decided that you didn't need them when you decided to do something stupid. No cable TV, no games in the court yard. You sit in your cell and you get your 1hr out side in an empty court yard.

Want to break out go ahead. Remember you don't have any rights anymore and the cops will stop you at any means possible.

"Released on good behavior" I don't fucking think so!! Your ass will sit in that cell for your whole conviction.

Stay tuned for more "If I was the President" . If you have a question/topic for me and what I would do. Wright me then and I will post up my answer.

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